I live in Chicago, Illinois, USA, with my wife and children.

I am a patent attorney with a large law firm here in Chicago. MikesRightBrain is my attempt to explore and nurture a life-long fascination that I have had with photography.

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I started shooting and developing my own film before high school, with my trusty Canon A-1 and my dad’s Mamiya. In college my A-1 was stolen and I followed it up with a T-70 and a Nikon F mount that served me well through law school in the early 90’s. As digital cameras began to evolve a few years later, I adopted early because our small apartment, by that time overrun with a few children, didn’t have enough space for a darkroom and smelly chemicals. I ran around then with a Kodak DC280 and began to experiment with dSLRs from there. Luckily, some of my old lenses fit the new digital equipment. New lenses and other equipment have made things much more interesting.


Some kind of camera always accompanies me these days, whether it’s my compact Nokia phone-cam or the tank-like Nikon D2X. I most enjoy taking portraits and pictures of people (especially the fam), but architecture and various minutiae interest me very much lately. My work requires me to travel often, and I try to find interesting images wherever I am.