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GoPro Hero HD

Capture Date/Time:October 10, 2010 9:13 am
Aperture/Shutter Speed:f2.8 fisheye
Focal Length: 4 mm
ISO: 300
Flash: none

This photo was part of a sequence of more than 4000 shots I took with a 5MP camera mounted on my head as I ran the Chicago Marathon last Sunday. Was this a crazy thing to do? Yes. But the resulting time lapse video certainly ended up cool, so it was worth it. My neck still hurts, though.

The GoPro camera, my latest new gadget, was mounted on my head via a headstrap, in a waterproof plastic case that was bolted to the strap. It was an incredibly hot day to run a marathon, and I dumped a lot of water on my head to keep cool, so the waterproof case was definitely worth having.

Despite the heat and the fact that I wasn't feeling too well, the marathon still was a great experience, which I think is this particular race's strongest point. The city looked better than ever, and it is always good to get a chance to see a lot of it on foot.


10.13.10, 01:54 AM, Navin Harish:

This is a very cool concept. I guess if our cities has so many people on their feet everyday, we can solve most of traffic congestion and health problems

10.18.10, 06:54 AM, micki:


It's so good to see you're still running (with camera attached) and still shooting! I hope all is well with you. Making any trips back to Virginia soon?


10.18.10, 09:34 PM, Gwen:

Fantastic video! I'm running the NYC Marathon in a few weeks and I'm totally inspired to try the same. Any suggestions as to what you would/wouldn't do again?

I run a little slower than you... think it can shoot for a 4hr15min run?

10.21.10, 06:41 PM, wvallen:


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