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Nikon D300s

Capture Date/Time:March 27, 2010 2:34 pm
Aperture/Shutter Speed:f 5.6 | 1/60
Focal Length: 17 mm
Flash: none

We traveled today to the hometown of my grandfather in a small village outside of Xiamen. I was here a couple of years ago, and it was fantastic to come back again, this time with my family. While this food-like shot does not show the wonderful people in this distant part of my family, it does symbolize our visits here. These are small sip cups of Xiamen tea, which tastes very different from tea I've had anywhere else in the U.S. or in China. The simple ceremony of it is calming and hypnotic: filling a small covered cup to the top with fresh tea leaves, dumping the first hot water out, stirring the leaves with the lid, and then pouring into the little cups on an ornamented drainboard. All the while having conversation around the table. The tea tastes very light and very fresh, and the little cups (that hold about 1/3 of a shot glass) make you have to repeat the process over and over. This little ceremony was repeated several times in the many houses we visited yesterday.