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Nikon D300s

Capture Date/Time:March 20, 2010 4:45pm
Aperture/Shutter Speed:f 4 | 1/60
Focal Length: 40 mm
ISO: 1200
Flash: none

Thanks for checking in; I won't even comment on my lack of postings for the past several months other than to apologize profusely. My desire for creativity has either been nonexistent for a variety of reasons, or diverted elsewhere. Suffice it to say that it feels right to begin again. We'll see how long I can keep it going!

We have today embarked upon a family trip to Asia to visit some of our family's roots. It is an adventure we haven't had before, and I am thrilled at what we will see. I am also confident that this will help me to jumpstart this blog again.

Anyway, here's everyone looking out the window of our hotel room about ten minutes after arriving this afternoon, looking out at the skyline of Beijing.


03.20.10, 12:08 PM, Archie | Whateverland:

Welcome back Mike! I look forward to seeing some updates from your travels.

This is a nice family moment that you have shared with us!

03.20.10, 04:41 PM, Jon:

What a lovely shot and it would not be spring break without us seeing your family. We miss you here in Florida. Is Beijing tinted orange? Nana heard there was a sandstorm.

03.20.10, 04:51 PM, wvallen:

great to see you back! i look forward to the shots from the trip

03.20.10, 11:48 PM, Jeremi:

Mike it's so great to see you back, I love your work! Look how big your kids are getting! Enjoy your vacation!!!

03.21.10, 12:45 AM, Uncle Matt:

I'm looking forward to following you guys on MRB until you get back...

03.21.10, 05:54 PM, Carol:

One of your biggest blog fans is unbelievably happy to not have to see the photo of that depressing couch anymore! Have a great adventure, Chu family!

03.29.10, 04:28 AM, Niklas:

I'm glad you're back, Mike. I've just checked out the rest of the new stuff: great, great, great.

Love from Germany,

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