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Canon G9

Capture Date/Time:March 22, 2009; 20:15
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f/2 | 1/30 sec
Focal Length: 24 mm
ISO: 400
Flash: none

We went to a nice dinner on St. Armand's Circle the other night and went to Kilwin's, a small-town ice cream chain, for dessert. My kids each ordered the usual disgusting ice cream concoctions that they usually do. Here we have Nick with his "Superman" blue sherbet, gummy bears, sour gummi worms and Nerds toppings. The other two had similar approaches to their dishes. Totally gross. Even the cashier winced at the sight. (Yes he did finish it!)


03.25.09, 02:21 PM, pieter:

Its like the kids at a soda fountain mixing several flavors.....

04.13.09, 11:45 PM, vidago:

Hey, we went to Kilwin's in Wilmington, DE. I saw that there's one near Brookfield Zoo but haven't made it there yet!

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