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Nikon D3

Capture Date/Time:October 5, 2008
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f/10 | 1/400 sec
Focal Length: 24 mm
ISO: 400
Flash: None

Thank you for your patience while MRB has been on a hiatus!

I accomplished a lot while taking this bit of a break. First of all, I was busy at work, and at year-end this can get quite hectic. I also upgraded my Mac here at home and managed to finish migrating all of MRB's editing tools and syncing setup, which was no small task. I have also been busy shooting a few little projects, and that has kept me busy as well. I almost forgot how to login on my MT terminal this morning, but I managed to find the passwords and logins scrawled out on a post-it under my monitor. Again, thanks for staying tuned and to those of you who commented on some of the archived shots in the meantime. I appreciate the visits!

This is a photo of the kids at the Didier Pumpkin Farm out in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. We go there to pick our pumpkins every year, and they have a carnival-like thing going on. The kids have a great time, there is kettle corn, and a petting zoo. I have photos of the kids next to a growth scale pretty much since they were infants, so this is one of those places that marks Chu Family fall tradition! Anyway, here they are moving about underneath a giant inflatable caterpillar.


10.15.08, 01:01 PM, Mark:

looks fun...wish I was a kid again!

10.15.08, 06:38 PM, pieter:

love the colors.
welcome back

10.17.08, 01:54 PM, Hadassah:

This shot is totally surreal - the colors are so vivid - great capture.

Welcome back!

10.20.08, 04:30 AM, navin:

I am sure you must have heard the jone about the centipede going to buy a newspaper

10.20.08, 09:07 PM, girliebug:

cool pic, daddy! uh oh, nellie is attacking me.

10.21.08, 08:54 PM, cool daddio:

Cool! Glad you had such a productive retreat :)

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