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Canon SD1200

Capture Date/Time:September 21, 2008
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f/3.4 | 1/160 sec
Focal Length: 58 mm
ISO: 200
Flash: None

It's marathon training season again, and months of training finally ended on Sunday with a 20-mile run. This year instead of running on my own I decided to do an organized run sponsored by Nike and Fleet Feet Sports. The course was pretty interesting, starting all the way north at Bryn Mawr and ending down at South Shore Park in Hyde Park. There was a finish party with a band and plenty of food after it was all over, but I was distracted by a few people who had waded into Lake Michigan on the beach adjacent the park. What a brilliant idea! One of the best ways to prevent soreness after a very long run is to take an ice bath, but that is often hard to do. Why not just wade into the cold lake? It felt great, especially after the heat of the run, and it did get rid of much of the soreness during recovery. I couldn't stop smiling because it was such a relief!

Thanks to Kira, a nice random person I met who loaned me her Canon Powershot to take this quick pic, and who actually emailed it to me afterwards!


09.23.08, 05:21 PM, Jeremi:

Very cool colors!!! Love the shot of you too!
Congrats on the run, I think I'd die running that far! I play 7 sports a week but running just to run I think might kill me! I so look up to you for that!

09.24.08, 02:54 AM, navin harish:

The contrast of the clothes with the sky is great

09.24.08, 03:53 PM, Heidi:

Hello Mike! Long time no see! This is a stunning shot! The reflections are - oh man - a photographers paradise! Well seen!!!!!

09.27.08, 02:57 PM, pieter:

the reflections are like spilled paint.

10.02.08, 11:51 AM, P.J.:

I like the ripples and the reflections.

10.14.08, 03:54 AM, Konstantinos Roumeliotis:

Well... Been visiting Mike's site almost daily, just to see if he'll post a new shot... You seem to be a great guy, Mike, so I'll be frank: not my favorite shot, by far. Ok, the reflections are fine, but what else? Don't know, just not to my taste this one... You have done and will of course do much much better, Mike. Anyway, my personal and I guess rather subjective opinion. Hope no offense, just trying to post some quick but honest feedback.

10.14.08, 07:35 PM, ilovephotoblogs:

Love the images. I've included your blog in a recent posting "20 Awesome Photoblogs - Chicago". Check it out when you have a moment. Best of luck and

keep up the great work!

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