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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time:December 11, 2007 9:18
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f/6.3 | 1/100 sec
Focal Length: 60 mm
ISO: 100
Flash: None

Well, thanks to help from some good friends, The first book of my photography has been published!

You may recall that last year, I took portraits of my son's 2nd grade class during their "Ellis Island Simulation" at school. In that simulation, each kid in the class assumed the identity of an immigrant and spent the morning simulating an arrival at Ellis Island and moving through immigration inspection and intake around 1918. Each picked a country from which they originated, and teachers and volunteers played the parts of inspectors, doctors and other Ellis Island personnel. They each had a name tag that showed their origin and their "Americanized" name and age. It was a very realistic simulation and many of them truly felt what it was like to worry whether they would be allowed into the country, and what it was like to be traveling alone to a new and foreign place. I think it gave them a great appreciation for what so many others went through a long time ago, and perhaps what others go through even today.

Anyway, as I did in 2006, a few months ago I set up a small studio in a nearby classroom and snapped a portrait of each kid as he/she came by. My goal was to capture the day in an authentic fashion and perhaps capture the personality of each kid as they went through the simulation. Most of the kids wore costumes that related to their "country", and that certainly helped make the portraits more interesting.

This year, the portraits were compiled and layed out by professionals from my friend Jerry's advertising firm, who generously donated their time to lay out a hardcover book. The cover, content and image quality were quite different from last year's project. This time, we used a professional printing company and they printed and hard bound these books, which I must say are of the highest image quality and construction I have seen. There is even a three-page panoramic pull-out at the center. It is a privilege to have a book of my photography that is put together so professionally.

We printed over 100 copies and sold them as a fundraiser to benefit the school. It was not a cheap nor an easy process, but the end product is something I am truly proud of.

The rest of this week I will post some portraits from the book. Thanks to my good friend Archie from for giving me a shout-out today! Check his blog out for more pix.

The young lady in this image graces the cover of the book.


07.08.08, 11:38 PM, Anand:

Fantastic, Mike. Congrats.

07.09.08, 10:42 AM, Mary:

Am a regular visitor to Archie in Whateverland and read about your book there so came to have a look. Great idea and I am sure well done. Will be coming to visit to see some more pics.

07.09.08, 03:58 PM, Mary:

Been looking at other pics, I think they are great. Did you send me a reply to my comment? I deleted it by mistake! Sorry.It was in with my spam!

07.09.08, 04:12 PM, Jeremi:

Congratulations that is so neat! I love this portrait, the lighting is fantastic!

07.09.08, 06:49 PM, Diane - Daily Walks:

Hey Mike, this is terrific. Congratulations! The lighting in this one is really beautiful. As I've said many a time.... photographing children is definitely your forte!

07.10.08, 04:01 AM, Navin Harish:

Congrats on the book. This image a very very nie

07.15.08, 10:59 AM, pieter:

it just keeps getting better... w0w

08.02.08, 09:22 AM, Josh:

Fantastic shot.