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Nikon D3

Capture Date/Time:June 22, 2008 14:25
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f/22 | 1/20
Focal Length: 24 mm
ISO: 160
Flash: None

Not a lot of Disney-esque photos taken during this trip! Spent most of my time shooting video clips of the family. But this one is probably one of the most interesting, and it was the last shot taken yesterday with the D3. We were on our way to the outer Terminal at the Orlando Airport, riding the elevated tram. My kids of course clamored for the very front car and my youngest positioned himself right against the window as we zoomed along. Amazing how my kids now know exactly how to pose a shot when they see me pulling the big camera out knowing that "oh it's a MikesRightBrain shot!!1". We managed to fly through the oncoming storms without much effect, by the way.


06.23.08, 02:15 PM, MikesRightBrain:

Hey I just realized that today is MRB's 600th posting!!! Woot!


06.23.08, 06:54 PM, girlie:

hi daddy! congrats on your 600th photo posted! feel better!

06.24.08, 05:57 AM, Bob:

Congrats on 600 Mike! It a doozy as usual!

06.24.08, 06:10 PM, Jon:

Congrats on pic 600!

Lucky you about the storms -- our 2 hour lay over in Atlanta turned into a 5 hour lay over and we finally got home at 1 AM.

06.25.08, 06:32 PM, Jennifer:

That is wild and crazy stuff! It looks like he's just flying in mid-air. Kinda makes me dizzy!

06.26.08, 08:56 AM, Michael:

These are incredible Mike. Your passion for photography really shines in these photos. I'll be watching for the new pics.
Thanks for sharing.

07.01.08, 08:25 AM, pieter:


07.07.08, 04:30 PM, Rian:

wow 600!? that's a lot.. congats.. :)

i love this shot! you really got a lot of good stuff here.. i'm learning a lot.. :D

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