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Olympus Stylus 1030

Capture Date/Time:June 18, 2008 20:22
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f/3.5 | 1/50
Focal Length: 28 mm
ISO: 80
Flash: None

Hello from Walt Disney World! We're here for a quick visit with the family. Tonight we visited Downtown Disney, and when it started to pour we spent a good hour at the Lego store. We have a Lego store in Chicago, but this one had a very cool wall full of these Lego people. Every one of them was different! I managed to get this closeup using my new Olympus point-and-shoot. i've been fooling around with this camera (and one other one that I'll mention another time) on this trip and i'm really liking it.


06.19.08, 12:39 PM, iced coffee:

thats a *lot* of lego people.

06.19.08, 01:30 PM, kevin:

mike - I was just in Xi'an and saw the ancient Chinese version of Legos - the Terra Cotta Soldiers. They too lay down unless having been repaired by the puzzle geniuses. I wonder if some future civilization will uncover these and say 'whooo - that Mouse Emperor must have built these to guard his house after death!'

06.19.08, 03:00 PM, MikesRightBrain:

Thanks, Kevin! That is indeed an interesting analogy... Although i can't get lego pieces to stay together for more than a few minutes, so I seriously doubt that they will be intact like this thousands of years from now. If anything, there will be a bunch of heads, hands and feet sitting around all mixed up like a tossed salad. A colorful tossed salad.


06.22.08, 10:30 PM, pieter:

people of the world unite.....
just "imagine"

07.07.08, 04:33 PM, Rian:

oohh.. makes me wonder if they're lego-droids come to take over the world.. :)

07.09.08, 04:00 PM, Mary:

Love Lego people. Cool pic

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