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Nikon D3

Capture Date/Time:May 22, 2008 01:50
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f/10 | 2 mins
Focal Length: 20 mm
ISO: 250
Flash: None

Here is a favorite view of the harbor at Nyhavn in Copenhagen. It is a famous tourist spot with outdoor cafes and restaurants, and beautiful tall ships anchored to the narrow canal. This was taken very early in the morning when the sky was darkest. The sun only goes down there this time of year for about 4 hours before starting to rise again at 3 am.

I returned from Copenhagen last night, and I'll probably post a couple of more shots over the next couple of days. Have a great weekend!


05.23.08, 08:28 PM, Jeremi:

Wow this is gorgeous! Sounds like a fun trip and an awesome opportunity for photo ops!

05.24.08, 07:51 PM, John:

Amazing that the boats stayed so still during the 2 minute exposure. Beautiful shot.

05.25.08, 01:44 PM, Archie | Whateverland:

Feel free to take me along on your next trip :) That water is amazingly calm!

05.25.08, 06:40 PM, catie:

you take absolutely the most amazing photos i've ever seen. I come here to be amazed and inspired almost every day.

05.26.08, 07:59 PM, Devyn:

Two Min Exposure!?!? Wow
The stillness of the water is amazing... And I thought the Chicago River didn't flow. ;-)

11.18.08, 11:32 PM, Jenni Pertuset:

Glad to see you tonight. What took you to KĂžbenhavn?

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