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Nikon D3

Capture Date/Time:April 1, 2008 18:30
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f/8 | 1/2 - 2 sec stack
Focal Length: 14 mm
ISO: 200
Flash: Multiple Studio Strobes

I was in New York today on business and broke away to the Rockefeller Center observatory after work. Although I come to NYC several times a year, I have never been up here. I have always wanted to. The view was spectacular and I took a cardfull of photos after only a few minutes!


04.02.08, 05:48 AM, Navin Harish:

What an amazing shot.

04.02.08, 09:04 AM, Jeremi:

Wow this is a fantastic shot Mike, it looks like a postcard!

04.02.08, 09:25 AM, Ben:

Whoa. Is this an HDR?

04.02.08, 10:41 AM, MikesRightBrain:

Ben- it is a stack (see above data) but it does not have a strong tone curve adjustment. I didn't spend a lot of time with it, but I could probably make it look pretty wild if I wanted to!

04.03.08, 01:47 PM, Otto K.:

That's a beautiful scene, Mike.

04.03.08, 08:00 PM, Archie | Whateverland:

So much better than earth hour, turn on those lights America!

04.04.08, 01:26 PM, Mark:

Hi Mike, I was at the same place in january, it was COLD! -8 , you got the best light though cool.

04.04.08, 02:43 PM, Timbo:

What a fantastic shot -

04.08.08, 02:05 AM, Konstantinos Roumeliotis:

Spectacular. Bravo, Mike.

04.30.08, 11:34 AM, P.J.:

If someone asked me to sum this image up in one word...: Wow.

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