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Nikon D3

Capture Date/Time:March 2, 2008 09:18
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f20 / 1sec
Focal Length: 15 mm
ISO: 200
Flash: None

I went spelunking again yesterday morning, this time in Gary, Indiana, with my co-bloggers Vince, Archie from Whateverland, John from Photoentropy and Mark from Probe3. This abandoned factory in the downtown area had a huge warehouse area that was full of piles of clothing. Apparently the clothes (which mostly comprised industrial uniforms, T-shirts and an odd assortment of pink underwear) were a collection of donated items that were to be distributed to those in need. The clothing was clearly not distributed. It sat there, wet under the dripping roof, just waiting to disintegrate.

I wish I could capture and post the sounds of the place, from the huge echoes in the warehouse, to the dripping water and creaking walls... In case there is any doubt as to the scale of this place, check out this photo of Archie here.

Like many of the places we visit, there was plenty of dripping water, wet floors, and ice, the latter making the spelunking quite slippery. A note of added danger: there were huge openings in the floor that were quite dangerous. The ice really made things interesting. Anyway, it was quite an adventure.


03.03.08, 09:34 PM, Karen:

great shot - especially the light coming in from the back and the amazing sense of depth.

03.03.08, 09:36 PM, Archie | Whateverland:

Spending some extra time on top of the mound of clothes really paid off, I think this shot does a great job depicting how vast the piles really were! Most people will go their entire lives never seeing anything quite like this. I wouldn't say that they are missing out but I thought it was a pretty amazing experience.

03.04.08, 02:09 AM, Navin Harish:

What a waste of T-shirts and not to mention pink underwear.

03.16.08, 09:27 PM, cetan:

These photos have been great. I just finished watching the two movies as well. It looked like quite an experience.

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