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Nikon D

Capture Date/Time:February 11, 2008 18:10
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f1.8 / 1/60 sec
Focal Length: 50 mm
ISO: 640
Flash: None

I spent two days in Hollywood recently at the ABA convention. My hotel was located right above the Kodak Theater, which is where they held the Academy Awards last night. They had a free exhibit in the hotel where you could see actual Oscars and how they made the statuettes. Did you know they actually manufacture them here in Chicago? I was able to hold one of them and get my picture taken. Unfortunately the guy snapping my picture didn't know anything about autofocus, and the picture is a bit blurry or I would have posted that. Here's a shot of the Best Male Actor Oscar, taken amongst its companions.


02.25.08, 07:52 PM, Archie | Whateverland:

Grab one and run! :)

Great DoF on this one Mike!

02.25.08, 11:38 PM, Navin Harish:

Very cool. Must be a unique kind of a rush to pose for a picture holding one of these. I like how the ones in the background look.

02.27.08, 07:17 AM, Bob:

Love the sparkly bokeh of Oscar's peers in the background

02.27.08, 10:01 PM, pieter:

hey your on my turf and have never seen or held an Oscar

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