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Nikon D3

Capture Date/Time:February 20, 2008 9:10
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f 6.3 / .8 sec
Focal Length: 400 mm
ISO: 640
Flash: None

Okay. What is all the fuss about? Yes this was the only total lunar eclipse viewable from here until 2009, and then for a decade after that. After all the talk about it yesterday on NPR and on the web, I thought that there would truly be a spectacular sight for me to photograph and bring to you today. Well, here it is. I suppose it is pretty neat. My own observations are that I think it is interesting how truly spherical the moon looks when it is shadowed, and the orangeish color cast that drapes the moon is interesting. But not for very long!.

If you're standing outside in -5 degree weather, your tripod is as cold as ice, and your camera is taking photos that are not that great, you get a little disappointed. I mean, I was expecting some kind of blazing corona after the NASA guy was interviewed today. I know that supposedly happens more dramatically with a solar eclipse, but I was expecting more!

Anyway, here's one of the shots taken just before the eclipse went full. The neat part is that as I was processing the image today, I almost cloned out what I thought were dust spots or hot pixels. Good thing I didn't! They're planets! The little speck on the left is Venus, and the one on the upper right is Saturn. OK pretty cool...


02.21.08, 11:02 PM, cetan:

A couple years ago I rented a 400mm and a 2x TC for a lunar eclipse. There's something really amazing about seeing the moon actually moving out of your frame while you're looking at it.

This year though I wimped out and just watched from the driveway without any camera.


02.22.08, 12:17 AM, AG:

I kinda agree these can seem non-spectacular but they are a rare, fleeting reminder that we are, in fact, part of something more meaningful than our bank balance or a dent in a fender. Sometimes, we all need that!

02.22.08, 07:55 AM, Ben:

Hmm, my understanding was that the one on the left is Saturn and the one on top is Regulus—a star.

02.25.08, 02:41 AM, Navin Harish:

Very nice shot.

02.27.08, 04:28 PM, Matt:


I LOVE the simplicity of this shot! It's definitely one of my favorites, if not most favorite from your posts.

02.27.08, 09:59 PM, pieter:

w 0,w

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