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Nikon D3

Capture Date/Time:January 26, 2008 10:12
Aperture/Shutter Speed: f13 / 1/160 sec
Focal Length: 24 mm
ISO: 250
Flash: None

During our spelunking journey last week with these guys, I indulged in my usual tripod-anchored, wide-angled shots of vast, colorful rooms. I have more of those to post, and unlike some of our former trips, I find them somewhat uplifting. But you often lose the interesting shots like this one. In general, this building didn't have a lot of "frozen in time" details, but there were plenty of interesting things to see if you paid attention. Of course, I wasn't really paying attention much of the time, but one of my compatriots tapped me on the shoulder and said "Hey Mike, you have got to get a shot of this..." Unlike the other shots taken this day, this was a quick one-off shot made in passing after a quick aperture adjustment. And it turned out to be one of my favorites. It often happens that way, doesn't it?


02.05.08, 12:29 PM, John:

The colors and depth of field on this shot are fantastic.

02.05.08, 10:59 PM, Archie FlorCruz:

What really attracts me the most is the left side of this image where the dirty window has really smoothed out the trees behind. It makes the hole into a border of two different dimensions.

02.05.08, 11:46 PM, Navin Harish:

Cool shot. Brilliant framing

02.06.08, 07:17 AM, Bob:

Wonderful composition Mike! Seeing you guys in Archie's shot made be have happy memories of last Spring in Chicago.

02.07.08, 02:49 PM, Otto K.:

Excellent framing on this. I quite like the result.

02.10.08, 08:38 PM, pieter:

Mike, you continue to awe and inspire

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