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Capture Date/Time:January 11, 2008 23:20
Aperture/Shutter Speed:f 9 / 1/2
Focal Length: 14 mm
ISO: 1600
Flash: None

After I got back from my excursion in the rain in Shanghai, I returned to the hotel and managed to find the bottom of the hugely cavernous atrium. The atrium looked just as amazing from the bottom as it did from the top. There was a really nice lounge there and I grabbed some tea. I put my camera down on the table and took this self-portrait after firing off several more shots with my camera's incredibly loud shutter. It was almost as if the waiters down there had never noticed this view before, because they kept looking up wondering what I was taking pictures of! In the next few days I'll put up a couple of more shots from the travels.


01.16.08, 04:21 PM, Mark:

you know what Mike, it looks like you're diveing downward's, looking forward to rest of your pic's.

01.16.08, 07:08 PM, P.J.:

I dig the view. Interesting way to take a self portrait. Nice job!

01.17.08, 01:07 AM, Navin Harish:

Very cool Mike. I love the spiral

01.17.08, 12:34 PM, Heidi:

Wow Mike! That is a super cool self portrait!

01.18.08, 07:41 PM, Pieter:

great self portrait. Your like looking into heaven:)

01.20.08, 01:55 AM, Michael 2:

Very cool. The thrust of your shoulders makes it looks like you're poised for takeoff, ready to soar skyward.

03.30.08, 07:40 AM, Konstantinos Roumeliotis:

Had to read the 'info' text to see it is a self-portrait! (I was thinking, "hmm, well, how did he manage to take that shot, and who is this guy?") I like it, well done.

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