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Nikon D3

Capture Date/Time:January 11, 2008 21:50
Aperture/Shutter Speed:f 9 / 1/2
Focal Length: 14 mm
ISO: 320
Flash: None

On my last night in Shanghai, I spent some time in the main pedestrian walking district. It was raining and the lights were brilliant. I had my trusty tripod in hand and set up right in the middle of things. So man people walked by and stared, trying to figure out what I was doing and why I was there. It was incredibly difficult keeping the wide-angle lens dry in the rain, and I felt like an old-time view camera photographer taking off the lens cap, snapping the shot, and then putting the cap right back on again. Anyway, it was definitely worth getting soaked because I am really happy with the handful of shots I left with.


01.14.08, 10:46 AM, Ben:

Ooh, this one is fantastic! I love the reflectiveness of the sidewalk...almost looks like a really glossy hardwood floor.

01.14.08, 12:31 PM, P.J.:

That is fantastic looking. The colors are awesome. The reflections are great. And all the people really work.

01.14.08, 12:31 PM, Pieter:

this is truly a a supberb shot. Man, I wish you where in my camera club:)
Knee-how for the treats

01.15.08, 11:02 AM, Mark:

Vibrant to say the least! you practicaly need sunglasses. London just look's wet and grey at he moment...

01.16.08, 01:41 AM, Navin Harish:

Amazing. Awesome, Amazingle awesome.

01.18.08, 05:16 AM, Betty:

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