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Nikon D3

Capture Date/Time:January 7, 2008 2:50
Aperture/Shutter Speed:f9 / 1/500
Focal Length: 24mm
ISO: 200
Flash: None

Here is another shot from near the settlements of the Badjao at Karagasan on the coast of Zamboanga. When we first arrived at the area, I made my way down to the beach to see the sand which I remembered as being full of seashells when I was a little kid. I was disappointed that the beach was now crowded and quite polluted, and the seashells were pretty much gone. I hear that there are still beaches as I remember them on the other side of the peninsula, and on the other less populated islands around here, in particular Basilan. On my next trip I’ll have to go to those places.

I was quite happy, though, to see that the water was full of little kids playing. These kids were, I presume, from the settlement I posted a photo of yesterday. Their parents were nowhere around, but they certainly seemed quite used to being in that water.

We leave Zamboanga tomorrow and fly back to Manila. We’ll be staying there for a few days. Stay tuned!


01.07.08, 04:12 PM, Mark:

Full of life! excellent that a shark in the background?!

01.07.08, 11:09 PM, Justin Gaynor:

What a beautiful image Mike...the clarity and colors are wonderful. Looks like an amazing place to visit.

01.08.08, 02:10 AM, P.J.:

Really cool. I like it a lot. Looks like they are enjoying!

01.08.08, 05:28 PM, Martell:

Mike, this may be my favorite image on MRB ever.

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