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Nikon D3

Capture Date/Time:January 7, 2008 3:20
Aperture/Shutter Speed:f7.1 / 1/30
Focal Length: 15mm
ISO: 500
Flash: None

This is one of the most fascinating sights I have ever seen. I have often heard of the “Sea Gypsies” or "Bajao" of the Philippines, but never imagined I’d see them first-hand. These people live in stilt homes linked by aerial walkways right on the edge of the water. We were driving by and I asked to stop here. They were offering to sell us traditional woven sleeping mats, and we bought a couple of them in the hopes that they would let me explore their dwellings a bit more. After we bought a few things they were quite welcoming and I made my way around the walkways around this group of homes. I was able to take some shots of the colorfully dressed people and the structures.

The walkways were only about 1.5 feet wide and made of planks separated by several inches. The walkways were often very crowded with socializing members of the families, especially (and amazingly) little 2-year old kids running around right on the edges of these things and thankfully not falling.