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Canon SD600

Okay so this isn't the sharpest shot in the world, but here is one I took while upside down on one of the roller coasters at Great America a few weeks ago. That 'ol point-and-shoot can do a good job when it wants too. And that wrist strap sure comes in handy when you're traveling at 40mph through loops. I've become very good at hiding it so that the ride managers don't yell at me.


06.29.07, 05:18 PM, Mark:

I love it! I'm a big fan of photos-on-rides.

06.30.07, 03:19 AM, McAWilliams:

cool self portrait, I also love these sorts of shots, just such a pity that I hate the rides.

06.30.07, 06:34 PM, pieter:

absolutely wonderful....... I would not dare to try and take a picture in that situation..... great stuff:)

07.01.07, 10:55 PM, Jeremi:

Amazing! Very creative Mike! And too funny about the "hiding it so you don't get yelled at!" hehe!

07.07.07, 06:42 AM, ana:

oh my brave of you!

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