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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time:May 20, 2007 13:06
Aperture/Shutter Speed: 1/30 sec, f14
ISO: 125
Flash: none

I stopped by the old metal scrapyard yesterday on the way to a birthday party with the kids. This has always been a favorite place for all of us, because when it's active you can see the cranes flinging huge cars up on to a scrapping conveyor belt about 100 feet in the air. Anyway, yesterday's weather was perfect, and I took this on a whim.


05.21.07, 02:08 PM, Daniel A. Norman:

Unique shot

05.21.07, 03:11 PM, Otto K.:

Very nice, Mike. Good detail and composition.

05.22.07, 09:55 AM, Evi:

Such an interesting shot!

Greetings from Greece

05.22.07, 11:13 AM, Jeremi:

Very cool! I bet that would be fun to watch!

05.22.07, 12:29 PM, P.J.:

I really like the look of it. All those cars. Well, at least they aren't littering the countryside (we have one of those places around here where they just rot -- I'm hoping to take some photos this summer of it although it looks like they are starting to clean it some).

05.22.07, 01:01 PM, Rock Kauser:

Lots of old dreams!

05.22.07, 05:56 PM, ndiginiz:

Tena koe ehoa
Mike I have my views on this sort of photography but would really like to hear or read yours.

I don't mean this as any criticism of your image to any extent! But for me I need to know and understand what it is about an image like this that is photographically motivational or compelling through the eyes of the photographer who captured it?
Where is the connectivity?
What does the image apply to?
Is this documentary photography?

Subjectively and as a genuinly interested person/photographer I'd appreciate your own thoughts and like to know/understand the concept photography it comes from.

05.23.07, 10:15 AM, Pieter:

reminds me of a line from a Gillian Welsh song ".... a beautiful mess"

05.25.07, 01:49 AM, navin:

It makes me sad to see cars treated like this. Personally I would like them to be treated with more love.

06.02.07, 07:00 AM, cool daddio:

I love the bold yellow swipe of the crane like a big ribbon tying it all together.

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