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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time:April 28, 2007 13:00
Aperture/Shutter Speed: 1/2 sec (varied), f11
Focal Length: 15 mm
ISO: 200
Flash: none

Pls forgive the title. Here's a shot from one of the rooms in the old Brach's Candy Factory. Just outside of this room, the entire floor was covered with sugar. Sugar that was dissolved in about two inches of water and super-saturated into a thick, gooey mess. It was like walking on plexiglass, that would slowly give way and engulf your shoe, leaving a ghostly footprint once you extricated it. Then the footprint would gradually smooth back over. But it was really sticky stuff. We found that the best way to combat the stickiness after that was to walk into the next room, which had a nice white powdery substance all over the floor that we soon realized was asbestos!


05.01.07, 09:47 AM, Chantal:

This is great, Mike...that Brach's factory was incredible! I lov ethis shot.

It was a pleasure meeting you, Mike. I only wish the weekend was longer and we all could have spent more time together.....but oh well, only gives us more reason to do it again!

05.01.07, 10:14 AM, Timbo:

Absolutely bizzare, very cool shot!

05.01.07, 10:15 AM, Timbo:

Absolutely bizzare, very cool shot!

05.01.07, 10:24 AM, Sebastian:

Gah! Awesome shot Mike! The way the paint was peeling gave it a look of a Japanese print.

05.01.07, 10:45 AM, Intern:

This is peeling paint on walls..i thought it's graffitti art!

I've never been there.Now it's on my list of places-to-see.

05.01.07, 12:19 PM, P.J.:

Looks like a really wild place for sure. These old buildings and factories are really interesting.

05.01.07, 02:24 PM, Mikelangelo:

Sebastian is right... Japanese print is very much the feel I got from this as well..Love the pic. You've managed to make a very 'dirty' place... a little brighter. That was a fun time.

05.01.07, 03:41 PM, Rock Kauser:

Acid trip, uhh, I mean sugar trip. With all the sugar around why worry about the asbestos when the rats will get you long before the asbestos will!

05.01.07, 04:05 PM, Bob:

I agree with Mikelangelo, you brought a bizarre sense of color and brilliance to this dreary hallway -- I wonder how I missed the asbestos pile? I found piles of raw sugar, but no asbestos.

05.02.07, 12:22 AM, Thomas Marlow:

ah yes, the colors and patterns are brilliantly captured. i've wondered what is it was that made the paint peel from the wall in that pattern. the endless mysteries of a factory "of pure imagination."

05.02.07, 07:54 AM, Otto K.:

Very cool. Thanks so much to you and Thomas for leading us on this excellent outing. It was great meeting you.

05.02.07, 03:45 PM, Brandon Stone:

The colors here just pop so well. I love the crisp detail.

Bringing a tripod was a really good idea. ;)

05.03.07, 05:39 AM, Ana:

The colours are incredible! What a cool looking place.

05.08.07, 05:21 AM, [terrorkitten]:

I just love th surreal nature of this shot....feels like the entrance hall to some grand Chinese restaurant or it

05.04.08, 10:40 AM, Tanya Wolanic:

I love the look of this picture with the colors and the combination of the walls with the floor.

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