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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time:April 28, 2007 13:38
Aperture/Shutter Speed: 1/40 sec, f2.8
Focal Length: 12 mm
ISO: 400
Flash: none

Well, this weekend I was PRIVILEGED to meet some of the most talented photographers in the nation at the North America Photobloggers Meetup right here in Chicago. The weather was absolutely perfect, and there was a huge itinerary of events and gatherings. I had a fantastic time getting to know everyone, many of whom have left comments on this blog and whose blogs I have visited many times. It was fascinating sharing stories, images and technical pointers. In fact, it was great just "geeking out" about specs of lenses and megapixels, films and cameras, and printers and lighting.

On Saturday, we took a tour to the "non-touristy" side of Chicago, in particular, the far west side. A group of 15 of us ventured into the old Brach's Candy Factory. It was a wondrous, scary, expansive place, and needless to say I took quite a few shots in the two hours we spent there. Those will be posted this week. Plenty of lead and asbestos was breathed by all.

Here is a quick group shot I snapped of all of us just before we departed. The neat thing about being with a bunch of photographers was that I set the camera up on my tripod, hit the remote timer, and stood with the group. Everyone stood still and smiled at exactly the right time; I didn't need to say a word, and that felt weird! No need for "okay, look at the blinking light... look into the lens and smile!!! 3-2-1..."

Alright, here's who they are, left to right: yours truly, Tom from, the legendary "godfather of the photoblog world," Bandon Stone from, a really nice couple from the suburbs and I never got their names, behind them is Mike from Mikelangelo, Otto from Ottok Photography, Sebastian (arms crossed and looking sullen) from, Valerie from, Chantal Stone (and her husband up front there) from Chantal Stone Photography, behind them is Bob from, Ron from LightUnderABushel, the legendary Archie from Whateverland, and finally, Bill Vaccaro from Outofcontxt.


04.30.07, 08:24 AM, Rock Kauser:

Only 20% female? I guess that women photographers are smart enough not to breath lead and asbestos! I'm looking forward to your factory shots.

04.30.07, 09:44 AM, Intern:

fantastic shot!!!

And Mike I Thank You for volunteering for the walk tour!

It was great meeting you.

btw i've never been to that "candy factory", though I've heard a lot about it.

04.30.07, 09:47 AM, Sebastian:

I look like I've got a nasty look on my face but I swear I'm grinning :-D Great shot!

04.30.07, 10:10 AM, Thomas Marlow:

What a motley looking bunch!

04.30.07, 10:14 AM, Thomas Marlow:

what a motley looking bunch!

04.30.07, 10:49 AM, Jeremi:

Oh what FUN, I'm jealous! And look, we get to see YOU in there, not your reflection or the back of your head! YOU!! Yeah! Can't wait to see more from this outing!

04.30.07, 01:25 PM, Archie FlorCruz:

Walking on the second floor of that factory reminded me of what it's like to be in a roach motel... best time ever!

04.30.07, 05:38 PM, Mikelangelo:

Awesome shot. That was an awesome day!! Thanks to both you and Thomas for the tour! (Boy...what's up with Sebastian...he looks annoyed?!) ;-)

04.30.07, 05:40 PM, ndiginiz:

Tena koe ehoa
I'm glad to hear the gathering was a good time. How about a run-down of people L-R ah Mike, just so some of us from the otherside of the world can put a face to the name of some of these people?

04.30.07, 05:41 PM, ndiginiz:

Tena koe ehoa
I'm glad to hear the gathering was a good time. How about a run-down of people L-R ah Mike, just so some of us from the otherside of the world can put a face to the name of some of these people?

04.30.07, 09:48 PM, Archie FlorCruz:

The very polite couple from Arlington Heights is JB and Inga from :)

04.30.07, 10:54 PM, Pieter:

W O W.
I hope I can make it next year:)

05.01.07, 12:09 AM, Brandon Stone:

Yes, indeed... I'm really digging this shot. It's a great record of that day.

Thanks for taking us out there. I had a blast, man. Will be checking back here to see more from the weekend!

05.01.07, 01:43 AM, P.J.:

Wish I could have made it to the meeting. I did set foot twice in Chicago this weekend -- once Thursday, once Sunday. Alas, it was only at Midway and O'Hare as quick layovers to and from Texas. Good image here and nice to hear that it was a good outing!

05.01.07, 11:58 AM, mr bill:

Who ARE these guys? ;-) Seriously, Mike, it was a pleasure. Can't wait to explore more of this confectionaried decay.

05.01.07, 03:58 PM, your_waitress:

michael, thank you a million times from taking us on this journey. i would come back just to tour this spot again! great meeting you and i am extremely grateful for your touring as well as the chocolate martini. ;-)

05.04.07, 09:47 PM, cool daddio:

What a marvelous crew!

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