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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time:March 22, 2007 9:45
Aperture/Shutter Speed: 1/500 sec, f4.0
Focal Length: 80 mm
ISO: 100
Flash: none

The best thing about Florida is the food. The seafood, especially. But the produce is so outstanding, especially in season. People from the Midwest have a special appreciation for it, I must say. These are oranges picked from a tree right outside my in-laws' house. Some we ate, and some we made into OJ right away. There is nothing like it, and we got very spoiled over the past few days. Even the grapefruit, from another tree just steps away, was amazing. And I normally am not a huge grapefruit fan. Just one of those things gave us a tall glass and a half!


03.30.07, 10:01 AM, Mike:

By the way, looking at this now I think I oversharpened this image a bit. I processed this on my laptop down there and the monitor wasn't calibrated very well. I may fix it later tonight if I have time!

03.30.07, 10:37 AM, Mark:

You are one lucky guy! florida orange, wow, looks great and bet it tastes great, cold wet and missrible here in the UK............

03.30.07, 12:05 PM, P.J.:

I really need to start seeing the world this way and thinking nearly everything could be a photo -- because this is a great and colorful image. Well done and captured. The colors pop and I like the sharpness.

03.30.07, 12:14 PM, birgit:

very nice and juicy shot! clear and colorful!

03.30.07, 02:16 PM, Frank:

Very delicious and creative arangement, I like the dof and the beautiful colours.

04.01.07, 01:55 PM, Heidi:

Mike! Super! Very nice arranged and photographed!!

04.01.07, 04:16 PM, Rock Kauser:

Mix with Champagne! The perfect start for a special day :)

04.02.07, 12:38 AM, Shawn Hodges:

refreshing! i smell orange now!

04.04.07, 12:33 AM, navin:

This is great shot. Mouthwatering. As a kid I never really liked Citrus food but have learned to appreciate it over time. This looks like a fruit called "Mausambi" in Hindi. I live in Bombay and there is a place not too far called Nagpur that is famous for oranges(maybe you call them mandarins).

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