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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time:March 14, 2007 12:53
Aperture/Shutter Speed: 2.5 sec, f18
Focal Length: 12 mm
ISO: 250
Flash: none

So despite sub-zero temperatures just a couple of weeks ago, yesterday's temp reached 72 degrees here in the city! My old rickety Saab convertible has a top that gets stuck all the time, but darnit I wedged that thing OPEN and went for a DRIVE in the open air! (The temperature is supposed to dip back down below 40 tonight so I pray I'll be able to close it again today...) I used my handy Gorilla Pod to attach my camera to the back seat for my quick trip, and took this shot of me whizzing down Western Avenue (look at my speedometer... I'm only going 30 mph). This is a different kind of "blur" from yesterday's shot, but it still meets my criteria for "blur week"!


03.14.07, 10:35 AM, Frank:

Very interesting shot, I like the colours of the light and the sharpness in the car. Great!

03.14.07, 12:21 PM, Ashish Sidapara:

Very creative, love the light streaks!

03.14.07, 02:13 PM, clarence:

I need to try this,, the dash and steering wheel are amazing sharp, despite the movement.

03.14.07, 04:47 PM, Pieter:

very clever "blur" post.:)

03.14.07, 07:17 PM, wvallen:

wow, that's an amazing shot. i'm curious how you have such a sharp shot. that saab must have some sweet shocks! awesome!

03.15.07, 10:09 AM, Jeremi:

You are just so inspiring, seriously! This ROCKS!

03.15.07, 10:18 PM, MikesRightBrain:

Thanks for the comments, everyone. I really like the way this turned out, too. Clarence, the dash are definitely very sharp, but this was through a very smooth section of the road. You can see from the wavy lines in the streetlights that it was indeed bumpy. The other thing you can see is that my windshield is in serious need of a cleaning!

03.15.07, 10:34 PM, Devyn:

I love the color!

03.17.07, 06:32 AM, Sidney:

Amazing! Such a sharp picture !
You can also see that you are loosing hair! ;-)

03.17.07, 09:07 AM, Rock Kauser:

Now that's a clever self portrait! I thought that you took this from the back seat. --- How do you like the Gorilla Pod?

03.19.07, 01:31 AM, P.J.:

Simply awesome! I love all the colors in this one. And looks like you're enjoying the drive! I want some warmer weather soon, too, so I can go for a ride and just be me and the road for a bit. :)

03.19.07, 08:31 AM, EXP:

Frickin' nice shot man!! I was trying stuff like this but of course they came out blurry. Guess going 65MPH over a bridge ain't that smooth. heh heh. This is great. love the angle, colors, and of course stillness of the car itself. Nice!

03.20.07, 01:51 PM, Matt:

Glad to see the gorilla pod in use. I was wondering if it would work with that honking camera you tote around!!!

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