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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: November 30, 2006 12:02
Aperture/Shutter Speed: 1/160 sec, f7.1
Focal Length: 24 mm
ISO: 100
Flash: Speedotron Strobes

Here's another portrait from the Ellis Island Project. This young French man went all-out and got himself a mustache! He is featured on the cover of the book.


03.01.07, 09:21 AM, Jeremi:

These are have just been so cool! What a fun fun project!

03.01.07, 10:30 AM, Pieter:

he looks happy to be "home" :)

03.02.07, 04:56 AM, navin:

What a cute smile this guy has. There are some people whose smilealways look fake and some who always seem to be smiling from their heart. This guy is inthe second category

03.02.07, 12:29 PM, Ashish Sidapara:

Very cute shot, perfect choice for the cover!

03.03.07, 12:04 PM, clarence:

Looks like he's enjoying himself! Perfect portrait.

03.03.07, 02:16 PM, Roger:

Great shot Mike. Awesome lighting.

03.03.07, 02:17 PM, Roger:

Great shot Mike. Awesome lighting.

03.04.07, 10:18 AM, Rock Kauser:

What a fine moustache he has!

03.07.07, 12:54 PM, P.J.:

Simply awesome. So authentic. I like the look of coming in winter with the scarf and all. The 'stache is a perfect touch! Oui oui!

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