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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: August 26, 2006 14:12
Aperture/Shutter Speed: approx 45 seconds x 3
Focal Length: 24 mm
ISO: 200
Flash: None

This is a shot of the hallway of an upstairs floor of the old Washburne Trade School that I took back in August. I have been trying to get this in likeable condition for many months, and I think I'm finally at it. It's a long-exposure shot of a hallway in the abandoned building. The door on the left is a little blown out, but I think it works.


02.19.07, 12:32 PM, john:

Fantastic shot Mike. I wish my shot of this hallway had come out this well.

02.19.07, 03:33 PM, ana:

This is amazing. I love the doors all open like that.

02.19.07, 06:48 PM, Pieter:

Very cool. You show your skill in this one and its fantastic

02.19.07, 07:38 PM, Rock Kauser:

Looks like my high school on the last day of the year :)

02.20.07, 05:05 PM, McAWilliams:

God I wish I could find places like this to photograph great image Mike, I also have to say the over exposure on the door does not bug me like some over exposed shots you see.

02.20.07, 09:50 PM, Jeremi:

I was wondering if it was that same place! Looks scary to me, I'm a relatively small town girl so I just don't see stuff like this everyday!

02.21.07, 07:10 AM, Sidney:

Fantastic shot! What a perspective!

02.21.07, 08:46 AM, clarence:

Looks like my old high school.

02.22.07, 09:18 AM, Devyn:

I am reminded of those faux small towny storefronts in 1970s shopping centers.

02.24.07, 01:12 PM, P.J.:

I would really love to find an old place like this to shoot. I think I would spend a full day in a place like this. Well captured and nice job.

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