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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: February 4, 2007 20:22
Aperture/Shutter Speed: n/a
Focal Length: 0 mm
ISO: n/a
Flash: None

Here is a shot of ice on the Chicago River just below the Columbus Avenue Bridge. The temperatures here in the Midwest have plummeted in the past few days. The River is usually a good indicator of how cold it actually is; when it dips below freezing for more than two days, a sheet of ice forms on the surface, only to be broken up by passing barges. (The River remains navigable year-round). After another two days of subzero, the lake starts freezing up away from the shores. I trekked out to the beaches early this morning and I have some of those to post later this week... assuming my CF card isn't frozen into my camera.


02.06.07, 12:28 PM, P.J.:

Excellent ice capture. I love the color.

02.06.07, 09:58 PM, Devyn:

Beautiful shot... Like shards of glass (only glass doesn't float).

02.06.07, 10:36 PM, wvallen:

this is really beautiful. i love the S-curve

02.07.07, 01:20 AM, Sidney:

Must be very cold! And you still go out for pictures? Wow!

02.07.07, 06:39 AM, Lyndsay:

Hi there,
I noticed today that you had commented on my mothers blog and I wanted to let you know that she has passed away. It was this weekend. I sent emails to a few people but, she had such a long list, I didn't know who was of any importance. If you have any questions or anything please feel free to email me.

02.07.07, 08:24 AM, micki:

I love the color of the water, Mike! It was cold enough this weekend for my batteries to die when I was out shooting. I guess we didn't miss winter this season after all.

02.10.07, 09:07 PM, cool daddio:

I love shots where the scale is unclear. Nature's wonderful repetition.

02.11.07, 10:35 AM, Beau:

This is really cool. No pun intended :p. The texture looks great and I like the colour of the water,

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