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Canon Canoscan 780

Capture Date/Time: February 4, 2007 20:22
Aperture/Shutter Speed: n/a
Focal Length: 0 mm
ISO: n/a
Flash: None

This is a shot of a red gerber daisy taken with my new 600MP "camera." Well, not really. Well, actually, yes it was. Thanks to a wonderful suggestion from fellow photoblogger Cool Daddio, I was turned on to a movement in the photoblogosphere wherein flatbed scanners are now being used to take pictures of everyday objects. I now have a new use for my old flatbed scanner, which in reality is very similar to a large-format, 8x10 view camera if you think about it. The only difference is that the sensor scans more slowly than the one in a dslr. Much more slowly. This photo was taken at 1000dpi, and this flower was supported over the platen by a rig I made using two chairs, black draping and some old coathangers. The scan took nearly 20 minutes to render, but I suppose I could now enlarge this thing to about five stories tall and it would still be pretty decent!


02.05.07, 05:51 AM, Ashish Sidapara:

Wow .. just amazing!!

02.05.07, 08:46 AM, Gary:

gorgeous, hey when you see your friend Mr. Ducker, ask him about Sarah Campbell, she's my daughter

02.05.07, 12:26 PM, P.J.:

Very nice and quite the interesting idea to do.

02.05.07, 08:30 PM, Pieter:

You are / have blown me away :)

02.05.07, 11:33 PM, Jeremi:

What a great idea, this looks SO cool too!

02.06.07, 01:12 AM, navin:

Mike, this is a brilliant shot. Easily one of your best if not the best

02.10.07, 09:03 PM, cool daddio:

:) Thanks Mike! Otto Kitchens introduced me to scanning. I was scanning some this afternoon. It is a bit laborious isn't it but the results are fabulous. This is gorgeous!

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