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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: December 24, 2006 20:56
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F4.5 - 1/60 sec
Focal Length: 50 mm
ISO: 500
Flash: None

The kids got things ready for Santa's arrival tonight just before they went to bed.... one of our traditions over here in this house.

Happy Holidays to all of you, and thanks for visiting!


12.25.06, 09:29 AM, Pieter:


12.25.06, 09:09 PM, navin harish:

Some one either is very good or has been really naughty throughout the year to offer not only milk and cookies to Santa but carots to the rendiers as well

12.25.06, 09:41 PM, P.J.:

Such a great image. Gave me a good chuckle. I love the notes on the carrot pieces. This image is so sharp, too.

Hope Santa treated the kids very well! Looks like a great snack!

Merry Christmas!

12.26.06, 07:28 AM, micki:

Looks like Santa and his reindeer made out good this year!!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful...happy holidays to you Mike, and your family as well.

12.26.06, 09:10 AM, Ashish Sidapara:

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a great year ahead!!

12.30.06, 09:04 AM, Shawn Hodges:

Love this shot! We have the same tradition minus the carrots. I always forget about the reindeer ;)

01.01.07, 09:42 AM, Ana:

Is that eggnog for Santa???

01.01.07, 07:07 PM, cool daddio:

With Maddy 9 this was our first truely post santa Christmas :-(
Enjoy the last couple!!
A wonderful New Year for you!

01.04.07, 12:27 PM, Heidi:

How cute! :-9 .... but who said the Reindeer does not like cookies?!

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