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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: November 18, 2006 10:33
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F8 - .7 sec
Focal Length: 23 mm
ISO: 320
Flash: None

From the D.C. Metro station at Foggy Bottom. Lots of security in all of the Metro stations these days, understandably. I didn't feel comfortable setting my tripod up in there, but I did it anyway!


12.11.06, 10:12 AM, Jeremi:

Are you on some stairs or something, sweet perspective.....King! :)

12.11.06, 05:05 PM, Keith:

You are a master of indoor shots with great sense of scale and so well exposed.

12.11.06, 09:18 PM, navin harish:

Very cool and sci-fi kind of shot

12.11.06, 10:56 PM, micki:

I don't imagine you felt comfortable, but I'm glad you did!! This is an amazing work of design and a fantastic and artistic capture!!

12.15.06, 07:07 PM, Richard:

Did you know that the D.C. metro stations were designed in Chicago by Harry Weese's office? Nice shot and connection to home. I can't believe security did not tackle you.

12.15.06, 09:48 PM, cool daddio:

Wonderful shot! It never looks that good when I'm there :)

12.25.06, 09:44 PM, P.J.:

Awesome depth!

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