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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: August 26, 2006 12:58
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F5.6 - 1/8 sec
Focal Length: 28 mm
ISO: 160
Flash: None

This is another shot from the Washburn series. It's an old Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, for those of you who might not recognize it. I remember how when I was a kid I wanted one of these SOOO badly! But they were so expensive, with their black&white screens and 8K DUAL floppy disk drives. I still remember being fascinated by the old "PRINTSCREEN MIKE" command and the thrill of seeing your name on a TV screen... How far we've come!

Check out wvallen's Photomap Project on his website. It links to the location where this was shot on a global map. This one stretches his map a little!

** You may have noticed that the archived shots are mis-aligned with the old template. I am still in the long and tedious process of up-rezzing all 320 of the previous MRB shots. Once those are all done I'll be able to upgrade the entire site. Right now it's only the homepage that uses the new template. Thanks for your patience as I continue the upgrades to the site.


09.22.06, 01:07 PM, EXP:

Nice shot! I love busted up old tech. heh heh. You got some great shots from that place Mike!

09.22.06, 03:41 PM, timbo:

A Trash-80 in the trash - that's awesome!

09.23.06, 01:46 PM, ana:

this is awesome. I'm just now reading a book that takes place in 1983, and they talk about all kinds of these computers. Great find!

09.23.06, 03:20 PM, Patrick Chu:

Wow I bet someone threw it away during Y2K or it must be a racoon's house

09.23.06, 07:41 PM, micki:

Oh my gosh, I remember this.....

thanks, now I feel just a wee bit older. I think I'll drink some warm milk and go to bed now.

09.24.06, 07:07 AM, navin harish:

A few years ago when this was new, this must have been the pride of the owner.

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