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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: August 26, 2006 12:07
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/9 - 1 sec
Focal Length: 17 mm
ISO: 100
Flash: None

More from the Washburne series. This was the first room that john and I walked into. The huge, open spaces and debris all over the place were like nothing we'd ever seen. Check out John from Photoentropy's site today for other views of the building. Today he's got one of my favorite shots up.

* News from MikesRightBrain and Gratuitous Self-Promotion: I was named a winner in this year's Photo Issue of TimeOut Chicago. Check it out here.

** You may have noticed that the archived shots are mis-aligned with the old template. I am still in the long and tedious process of up-rezzing all 320 of the previous MRB shots. Once those are all done I'll be able to upgrade the entire site. Right now it's only the homepage that uses the new template. Thanks for your patience as I continue the upgrades to the site.


08.31.06, 02:17 PM, John:

Fantastic detail here. Is this one of the HDRs?

08.31.06, 07:15 PM, EXP:

Why is it that ALL abandoned plaaces look like factories? I can't believe that was once a school. Nice stuff.

08.31.06, 07:37 PM, micki:

That is really a large building! What had this area been?

Some really cool colors here.

08.31.06, 08:40 PM, Mike:

Thanks for the comments, guys! Ya, this is a minor HDR composition. I forgot to mention that. Judging by the power boxes at regular intervals on the columns, I suspect this was some kind of machine shop. It was, after all, a trade school. If you think this room was huge, stay tuned to tomorrow!

09.01.06, 08:22 AM, navin harish:

Liking all your images in this series

09.01.06, 02:41 PM, mistralcolors:

Hello Mike, back from holydays. Hey, this is my favorite from this serie. Personaly, you wrote that yours was the ast you posted, I'm not sure. This one is very clear and not overloaded with lot of details. Fantastic, this one!. See ya

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