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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: July 7, 2006 19:13
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/9 - 1/250 sec
Focal Length: 400 mm
ISO: 640
Flash: None

I guess this is one of my trademark crowd shots.
This is a shot of the grotesque gluttony that is the Taste of Chicago. This is held every year down in Grant Park around the Fourth of July holiday. It used to be many years go that you'd go there to sample from some truly unusual dishes from restaurants around Chicago. It was cheap and innovative back then. Now it's different, in that it's the same slate of restaurants from year-to-year, and the food tickets are so expensive that you are reluctant to try too many new things... not like there are that many new things, though. Anyway, the busy-ness of this shot really caught my eye.

** You may have noticed that the archived shots are mis-aligned with the old template. I am still in the long and tedious process of up-rezzing all 320 of the previous MRB shots. Once those are all done I'll be able to upgrade the entire site. Right now it's only the homepage that uses the new template. Thanks for your patience as I continue the upgrades to the site.


08.03.06, 03:12 PM, micki:

That is an incredibly large crowd! It's been decades since I was in a crowd that large. Excellent shot of this awesome sight!

08.04.06, 04:35 AM, Chantal:

great overview

Have a great weekend!

08.04.06, 06:41 AM, ana:

taste of ch


08.04.06, 09:54 AM, Jeremi:

WOW, that is a LOT of people! We rarely see that many here even when something exciting is going on, lol. Great shot!

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