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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: July 12, 2006 17:50
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4.5 - 1/640 sec
Focal Length: 95
ISO: 320
Flash: None

This is a shot from my 'ol swimmin' hole. Actually, this is a strip of Lake Michigan on the east side of downtown, where triathletes from all over come to hone their open-water swimming skills. The nice thing about swimming here is that you can swim about 3/4 of a mile straight ahead and along a sea wall without having to turn around. The wall is nicely marked every 1/4 mile so you can keep track of your time. Anyway, to take this shot, I was chest-deep in the water with the lens about an inch off of the waterline, all the while hoping that my camera bag sitting on the beach about 300 yards away wasn't going to get ripped off.

** You may have noticed that the archived shots are mis-aligned with the old template. I am still in the long and tedious process of up-rezzing all 320 of the previous MRB shots. Once those are all done I'll be able to upgrade the entire site. Right now it's only the homepage that uses the new template. Thanks for your patience as I continue the upgrades to the site.


07.17.06, 10:37 AM, Pieter:

Love your new format. Just like a new box of cereal " new & improved now in extra large size"

07.17.06, 05:55 PM, Ana:

love the spash of water under the arm. great shot!

07.18.06, 02:45 AM, rayts:

nice catch. right on the dot Mike.

07.18.06, 07:00 AM, Chantal:

great action photo.

07.18.06, 10:19 AM, Jeremi:

WOW, you are one crazy guy, I love it! We were just at a big lake the other day but I was so nervous going in the water with my camera. I guess it didn't help that it was very windy that day!
Glad your gear didn't get ripped off! Great shot!

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