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Capture Date/Time: July 1, 2005-July 1, 2006

As of yesterday, Mike's Right Brain is officially one year old!!! First of all, welcome to the new MRB redesign! It focuses a bit more on the (now larger) photo itself and simplifies a few things. There are a few kinks that I need to work out over the next couple of weeks, so thanks for your patience during "construction." I'm very excited about this.

Since starting this project, I have learned more about photography than I ever dreamed I would. I learned more about taking pictures in adverse conditions, with malfunctioning equipment and with uncooperative subjects. Most of all, I have been deeply inspired by fellow bloggers, fellow photographers and the people shown in these photos. It has truly been an adventure, not only to explore photography (and to get kicked out of all sorts of places in the process), but to also explore my own "right brain."

Aside from this, there were still many times when I wondered whether maintaining a photoblog was worth it if people weren't watching. It never failed to amaze me how a comment or email from friends, fellow bloggers or random viewers close by or from some far-away place would make me realize that there are people who do keep up with MRB regularly. To those of you who visit, thank you for the comments and encouragement!



07.04.06, 09:08 PM, Pieter:

Very clever way to celebrate. Keep it up. You have a fan in California who thinks your photo's, your eye and your expertise are outstanding.

07.04.06, 09:21 PM, Bob:

Congrats Mike...I know I am here every day looking to see what you have come up with! One of the best out there for sure! But I have told you that before... because I mean it!

07.05.06, 06:37 AM, Chantal:

Great collection you have there,

07.05.06, 11:21 AM, Gary:

Congrats on the one year! Lot's of great stuff here.

07.05.06, 08:16 PM, Ana:

Great post, great words, wonderful photos!

07.05.06, 11:57 PM, rayts:

wow. congrats Mike! i was looking through these little images of yours and vividly remember some of them. we love your photos and just like you, we are inspired and we hope to be continuously inspired. more great MRB photos to come!!!

07.06.06, 06:43 AM, navin harish:

Congrats. On this time I'd like to say that I am a big fan yours and look forward to many more images from you.

07.06.06, 10:03 AM, Natalie:


07.06.06, 12:55 PM, Jeremi:

Very cool collage! Happy Anniversary! And YES...keep up the blogging, I really admire your work!

07.06.06, 04:37 PM, Mareluna:

320 life moments !!!!!
Very nice idea .... see you soon Mike ;o)

07.06.06, 04:39 PM, Still:

Happy birthday and thanks for this fine panorama...

07.06.06, 11:08 PM, pooh:

Happy birthday! Your blog has been a constant source of admiration and inspiration for me, looking forward to another year of dazzling shots!

07.07.06, 12:53 AM, vidago:

Congrats on your one year anniversary. How you do all that you do and keep this site going is amazing. Looking forward to another year of inspiration...

07.07.06, 02:07 AM, david:

well done on year one - my year's coming up soon and i just don't think i could be bothered to put in the work to create such a terrific collage!

07.07.06, 09:17 PM, cool daddio:

Wouldn't miss it and one of my inspirations. Glad to see you going to a bigger photo size I've been hoping for that for a while.

07.10.06, 04:37 PM, Alicia:

Congratulations! I want to click so many of those little thumbs to see the photo ;) Beautiful collection.

07.12.06, 07:42 PM, Mark:

Congratulations on your milestone. You have some of the most inspirational photography around. You can bet that I don't miss a one- I just usually view them in batches of a week or so. It's most entertaining that way!

07.19.06, 05:16 AM, Lynn R:

Belated congratulations Mike ... :)

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