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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: June 6, 2006 20:57
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/9 - 30 sec
Focal Length: 10.5 mm
ISO: 400
Flash: None

Here's another one from the dock, but this time facing the opposite direction. (I don't think I've ever posted any showing the house where we stay--the brightly lit one). This is a very long exposure just after a chain of storms passed through. It was pitch black out there, but a sliver of moon was showing out of the frame in the upper right. I didn't include it in the shot because I thought it was somewhat distracting. Anyway, I thought it interesting how deep the blues became during the exposure. It is a completely different range of colors than those that appear during long exposures up here in Chicago.


06.14.06, 01:02 PM, Mark Ellis:

Wonderful, you're a lucky guy.

06.14.06, 03:59 PM, micki:

They are beautiful blues, and this is one of the nicest ultra wide angle shots I've seen.

06.14.06, 04:00 PM, ana:

love the view from the other side. this is spectacular! just amazing!

06.14.06, 08:37 PM, Rock Kauser:

Out of this world look!

06.15.06, 03:20 AM, rayts:

your line of perspective is perfect! nice contrast...i like the rich blue tone refelected both on the sea and the sky.

06.15.06, 05:23 AM, Chantal:

looks a bit like it was taken with a fish eye lens.

06.15.06, 07:00 AM, Bob:

The super wide really gives this shot an eerie fell to it. Love the view of the salt marsh and the houses. Just as I remember Topsail from my visit, now twelve years ago.

06.15.06, 03:59 PM, Still:

Looks like the earth... Stunning ambience... Surrealistic one!

06.15.06, 06:57 PM, Alicia:

The dock is just gorgeous. I completely agree with you on the blues. I'm not sure if I like the curve. Makes me a bit disoriented. Super night shot overrall.

06.15.06, 09:35 PM, cool daddio:

Jut when I think I've surely seen the best of the Pier series....

06.16.06, 12:03 PM, Jeremi:

First off another gorgeous shot, love the colors!
2nd lucky to have such a great place to vacation too!

06.19.06, 01:39 PM, Gary:

love that wide lens

06.21.06, 07:51 PM, Mark:

Terrific series of pictures. You've posted some great ones over the last couple of weeks- I especially love this one. I was at Topsail in 1988, it appears much more beautiful now than it was back then.

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