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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: May 25, 2006 16:43
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/8 - 1/160 sec
Focal Length: 55 mm
ISO: 250
Flash: None

Shot number three of this week's Cloud Gate Series. The neat thing about the shape of this sculpture is that it's upper curve somehow reflects the sidewalk below, even when you are not standing directly below it. I can now appreciate that the people who planned the environment around this sculpture took great pains to make sure that the immediate surroundings were not too distracting. We take for granted the amazing reflections in the metal, but the sculpture would look completely different if it was located in a different place. In fact, it definitely wouldn't work in many other locations.


05.31.06, 02:56 PM, Still:

What an interesting shot. Great details in this reflection. NIce !

05.31.06, 05:35 PM, Natalie:

So this was a reflection on the upper curve? How interesting. Nice shot.

05.31.06, 07:49 PM, micki:

That is too cool how it reflects so much around it!! I really like this shot, and you titled it perfectly.

05.31.06, 09:31 PM, Jeremi:

I'm loving this series!

06.01.06, 04:14 AM, navin harish:

Nice shot. It kind makes my head spin

06.01.06, 06:46 AM, Chantal:

nice pattern in the floor, it makes it look like fish eye.

06.01.06, 07:01 AM, david:

great photo; the distortion seems to get worse as you look at the shot.

06.09.06, 09:45 PM, Alicia:

If things started to look like that I would have thought I stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone.

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