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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: April 23, 2006 3:57
Focal Length: 10.5 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5 - 1/60 sec
ISO: 250
Flash: fired

Our friends' daughter, the birthday girl, is here opening her presents... I would say she is a bit excited about it all!


04.25.06, 09:25 AM, Jeremi:

You always have the coolest perspectives! Looks like you were on a ladder or chair here! Yep..I'd say she's excited!

04.25.06, 10:03 AM, Ana:

She is so totally saying 'MINNNNNEEEE" with her eyes! Great shot! Did they hang you from the ceiling like a pinata?

04.25.06, 06:44 PM, Rock Kauser:

Way too many stimulants :) Great point of view.

04.25.06, 09:46 PM, cool daddio:

ditto Jeremi, I think it is SO hard to get an interesting birthday party picture but you hit a homerun here.

04.25.06, 10:03 PM, Eric:

I love the expression of the girl sitting on the table. She looks so pleased to be having her picture taken. Great work Mike!

04.26.06, 12:53 AM, navin harish:

Not only excited, I think she a little too possessive about them as well. You have caught the moment very well. Where were you standing?

04.26.06, 01:55 AM, jlc:

Happy pix for a happy day ;)))

04.26.06, 03:21 AM, rayts:

excited? she looks possessed! hehe. nice angle by the way.

04.26.06, 05:17 AM, Chantal:

Great angle, looking down on the kids.

04.26.06, 11:25 AM, Matthew Greco:

HAHA great shot! I love the expression.

04.26.06, 08:28 PM, Viking:

Haha! Excellent! She'll love that photo 20 years from now.

04.27.06, 08:24 AM, Mareluna:

Nice espressions :o) Byeeeee

04.28.06, 06:39 AM, Mark:

Mike, this is a great camera angle. At Christmas, I took several pictures with my 16mm held up in the corner of the room looking down. My father, being used to the usual holiday pictures, liked it so well that he's trying to figure out how to get my camera mounted high on a tripod "so we can get us all in the picture".

Great job.

05.05.06, 03:22 PM, Alicia:

Excellent angle! That expression is priceless.

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