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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: April 20, 2006 12:36
Focal Length: 44 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4.0 - 1/800 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

Well, here's a shot that I have been hunting for for a long time. I'm not entirely pleased with it, in that I think the background is a bit distracting and not what I had envisioned, but overall I'm okay with it. This is the legendary "Hi Guy." Anyone who lives in Chicago has surely seen him around. As you can see, he has this wacky bike and he simply rides around the city waving at people. For years, I would see him walking around downtown with a yellow smiley-face shirt on with a big yellow sign that simply said "Hi" on it. And people would wave to him and smile, which I guess was his point. I saw him yesterday, screeched my car to a halt, jumped out and took this shot (flashers were blinking, cars were honking angry at me behind my car).

Anyway, I pulled over afterwards and talked to him for awhile. His name is Tom, and he has a website here. He's an amazing person. He's run hundreds of marathons (many of them in flip-flop slippers!!!), ultra-marathons, and other races throughout the world. He's ridden that bike of his thousands of miles, too. I had no idea. From his website, you'll see that he has a lot on his mind, but at the end of the day what he likes to do is make people smile. And there's nothing wrong with that.


04.21.06, 10:37 AM, Pieter:

The story is what makes this picture. Thanks for sharing. It has inspired me to get a shot of the "JESUS MAN" in rRedondo Beach. His bike is very similar the the Hi Guy bike.

04.21.06, 11:27 AM, John:

I take the same train as this guy just about everyday when I come in from Arlington Heights. The background is slightly distracting, but it's an excellent shot. I like how the guy and his bike are the only things in the photo with vibrant color.

04.21.06, 12:01 PM, Jeremi:

Such a fun shot and story behind it! We have a guy here that rides his bike around and waves to everyone too. He is disabled and everyone loves him so much. He got voted to carry the Olympic Torch when we had the winter games in SLC, it was pretty cool!

04.22.06, 10:20 PM, cetan:

I've been trying to grab a shot of him for months now, but every time I see him, I have less than a second to take out the camera, turn it on, and take the shot. He's always zipping by.

04.23.06, 06:52 AM, Ana:

This reminds me of the man that wears the orange and pink suits all over chicgao! I've gotten shots of him! This is wondeful. I can't imagine running in flip flops.

04.23.06, 08:40 AM, eterisk:

He certainly makes me smile. Here in Gothenburg Sweden, we have a man on bicyce selling flower every night. But nothing like this.

04.23.06, 09:34 AM, Bob:

Interesting how so many communities have similar characters that are well known to all. Fun shot Mike.

04.24.06, 06:06 AM, Chantal:

Looks like the town lunatik......

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