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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: April 1, 2006 1:35
Focal Length: 18 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/2.8 - 1/30 sec
ISO: 400
Flash: None

One more from the fashion show from a couple of weeks ago. I had this sitting in my "to be processed" folder for a long time and I forgot about how much I liked it. This one had plenty of ghosting and blur, but that was, I assure you, all on purpose!


04.18.06, 10:22 AM, Jeremi:

I really like the effect! Nice job Mike!

04.18.06, 10:37 AM, Pieter:

I like the "I assure you, all on purpose" comment

04.18.06, 02:28 PM, keith:

we believe you. Its a very good effect anyway as it still leave the model sharp enough to see the clothing but makes it much more than a straight catwalk shot as it is full of motion and energy which suit the subject matter very well. So i have no doubt you planned it that way.

04.19.06, 02:50 AM, jlc:

walk on dream ;)

04.19.06, 06:55 AM, Chantal:

Like the double images....

04.19.06, 09:26 AM, Gary:

cool, she looks like a walking manikin

04.20.06, 12:15 AM, oeimae:

the blurred lights and blurred images give us an idea of what it was like there that night. lots of shine, movement, and sparkle. nice.

04.20.06, 01:55 PM, Alicia:

I love the light blur here. I'm sure the models know all about the pain of beauty.

04.22.06, 02:59 PM, Tai:

Fantastic blur here -- I need to learn to use lighting like that!

05.13.06, 02:37 PM, Still:

Very interesting movement...

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