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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: April 8, 2006 12:46
Focal Length: 19 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/9 - 1/5 sec
ISO: 125
Flash: None

After the Magic Flute, the kids needed some time to run around and burn off some pent-up energy. This is a view down the spiral staircase at symphony center. It sits beneath a very large, sunny atrium. I tried a cropped version of the shot without the railings and staircase, and the shot is quite different. I may post that at a later time. This shot wouldn't be nearly as interesting if my kids weren't wearing different colored jackets!


04.11.06, 10:01 AM, Jeremi:

Those jackets definitely add to the picture! Very cool! Do you use a tripod on these types of shots?

04.11.06, 01:01 PM, Mike:

Hi Jeremi- No tripod this time, but I do use one often. Here I was able to hold the camera steady on the railing pointing down.

04.12.06, 06:02 AM, Ana:

The colours are perfect! Looks like they had a great time.

04.12.06, 06:07 AM, Chantal:

Great speeding in this photo

04.12.06, 06:08 AM, Bob:

love the swish of color and the composition. Sorry to have been away from your site for awhile Mike, I've been terribly busy with moving and work

04.12.06, 07:52 AM, Andy:

Excellent capture of motion and energy. The stairway itself seems to be turning with your children.

04.12.06, 08:38 AM, keith:

This is a wonderful shot. Originally i didnt like the highlight area but now it looks as if they are decending in to the light (or being abducted by aliens) they remind me of colourful moths drawn to the light.

04.12.06, 09:31 AM, Gary:

excellent motion shot

04.12.06, 02:05 PM, mistralcolors:

That's a good shot mike. And the idea you had with your kids is excellent! Everything is turning aroud..I love that. 1/5s...they must ran??

04.12.06, 06:25 PM, Pieter:

Everything spins around the dot.

04.17.06, 11:04 AM, Mark:

Wow, this is a great photograph. Has so much going for it, plus the memories of the day.

04.17.06, 03:53 PM, Alicia:

What a nice blur of color. The spiral staircase looks very abstract.

04.17.06, 06:28 PM, Obleix:

Bravo. Exceptional shot.

04.25.06, 09:54 PM, cool daddio:

WOW. Perfection. I'll bet you bought them primary color jackets on purpose :-)

05.04.06, 12:31 AM, Diane:

Whoa...very VERY nice!

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