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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: April 4, 2006 12:46
Focal Length: 10.5 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/9 - .5 sec
ISO: 400
Flash: None

First of all, thanks so much to all of you who visited last week. Shooting for that blog was fun and very challenging!

To start out this week, I have more quarry to bring back from my continued violation of "no camera" rules at venues throughout town. Here we are (my two oldest and yours truly) at Orchestra Hall before a kids' concert of the Magic Flute to celebrate Mozart's 250th birthday. I managed to sneak the camera in with my coat draped over my small camera bag. Three things I learned from this shot: 1) my kids are really good at sitting still during a long-exposure shot; 2) the ceiling of Orchestra Hall is beautiful; and 3) I really need to lose some weight in my face. Cheers.


04.10.06, 02:35 AM, Frank:

Very interessting perspective. Nice work.

04.10.06, 05:33 AM, Ana:

Oh, this is wonderful! They did a great job, and your face looks just fine. :O)

04.10.06, 06:53 AM, Chantal:

Great and funny angle this way.

04.10.06, 09:50 AM, Jeremi:

Love it! You made me giggle! I think your face looks fine too! Gorgeous family!! And way to sneak in the camera, lol.

04.10.06, 10:07 AM, keith:

living on the edge! Have you been to 'thrill seekers anonymuos.' Thats what i like to see, teaching you kids to flaunt regulations. Ok which is more vain: including oneself in a photo or not apearing at all for fear that gravity will be unkind on ones face and it could look fat. Just a hypothetical question? Speaking as a person who puts on weight from the face down I stay out of most photos.

04.10.06, 12:31 PM, dave:

great shot, i bet the kids lived the "dare" . Mr potato head!

04.10.06, 05:28 PM, Claudette:

Great shot! Loving the perspective on this!!!

04.10.06, 05:48 PM, lawrence:

wow... nicely done.

04.12.06, 06:25 PM, Phil:


I love the perspective!

05.02.06, 01:22 AM, Ronalyn Barut:

Great perspective and beautiful children!

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