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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: April 5, 2006 17:01
Focal Length: 12 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/20 - 1.5 sec
ISO: 400
Flash: None

Thanks so much for your comments and feedback on yesterday's shot. I really appreciate it! Here, I was trying to get a decent shot at the Northwestern train station downtown for posting on SceneFromMyLife. I managed this one, but I decided to post something altogether different there. This is a shot right as the evening rush started, and there are throngs of people entering the walkway on the way to the station. By the way, I'm getting very tired of being kicked out of these places for carrying a camera around.

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04.06.06, 09:46 AM, Timbo:

(I think I know someone in that picture.) Great shot! I love the way you capture the height of the ceiling contrasted to the relatively small people hurring home.

04.06.06, 11:06 AM, Gary:

love these walking ghosts, cool shots on the other site

04.06.06, 12:08 PM, Jeremi:

I love how you do these motion shots. I need to try something like this! That sucks you get kicked it some sort of security issue?

04.06.06, 10:20 PM, Michael 2:

Nice pic on today's

You should have remarked about how difficult it was to brave the windshear as you rappelled down next to the window washer to get the shot, but well, that a true artist would go to any lengths for his craft.

04.07.06, 05:33 AM, Chantal:

The speed you have captured is great, it adds so much more to this photo and totally agrees with the title....

Have a great weekend!

04.07.06, 07:37 AM, keith:

This is right up my street (not the location -I mean the style is to my liking). Another one well done. It shows something of the trudgery and anonimity of daily working city life, but also has the hustle bustle of coummuting captured well. Crackingshot!

04.07.06, 07:39 AM, keith:

I forgot to add I have enjoyed the scene from my life shots, the window cleaner and lady with dogs stand out as favourites. A nice variety all well taken.

04.07.06, 09:01 AM, John:

What time to do you come through here Mike? This is a scene from my life as well, every morning and evening. Also, where are you getting kicked out of for having a camera?

04.07.06, 09:47 AM, Mark:

This is another one of my favorites that you've done this week. Great photograph, well done.

So, do you meter off the ceiling?

05.04.06, 12:34 AM, Diane:

Mike, you really have some nice movement images going on. They possess an energy that I can't quite put my finger on (which means that they are successful!).

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