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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: April 1, 2006 10:26
Focal Length: 28 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/6.3 - 1/160 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: Studio strobes

Time to switch gears. This is a dear friend of ours and one of her twin daughters. We had a little photo session out at their house last weekend, and it was quite fun. All of them were quite photogenic, and that makes a photographer's job so much easier. There are inherent risks in taking naked-baby shots like this, however: my backdrop got peed on a few times. Those really cute Anne Geddes calendars you see around with the babies and flowers? I'll bet her backdrops are FULL of pee. Or worse...

On another note, I'm having a blast shooting for Scene From My Life. It's been challenging posting twice a day. Thanks for visiting!

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04.05.06, 05:47 AM, Chantal:

What a very precious and soft image. I can see the love between them.....

04.05.06, 08:09 AM, photosjlc:

Very beautiful and natural shot .
I love the tones and the expressions of the models ;))

04.05.06, 09:30 AM, Ana:

Giggling at the Anne Geddes comment. I bet you're right, and I never thought of that! This is sweet, and Iove the look on mom's face, and the baby girl is looking off. It's really precious.

04.05.06, 10:45 AM, Jeremi:

I've only done one naked baby shoot and luckily it all turned out well! LOL about Anne Geddes!!
Beautiful picture! Mom looks comfortable in her own skin too! :)

04.05.06, 01:47 PM, keith:

Geddes = exploitative, demeaning, sacharin pap. OK got that off my chest (i hope her studio is awash with pee) Sorry Now i have got that off my chest. This is a wonderful tender photo so well executed. they are swines for keeping in the right pose/light etc. This is really well lit and exposed (no pun intended) and the expressions are priceless, he seems very proud/pleased to be photo'd with mum. What ratio of good to unusable did you get and what do the family think? I took some kids out playing in autumn for a parent and offered her 40 out of about 300 -she took all 40 and her work mate wants me to do a wedding based on her kids rolling around in leaves, It is so hard to judge other peoples views.

04.05.06, 02:31 PM, Mike:

Keith I can't stop laughing at your comment! Whenever I think of Anne Geddes' studio "awash with pee" I go into convulsive snarks. For this session, I was really lucky. I managed to get the ratio of light/background just right, so I did virtually no retouching on the shot other than a slight color correction. That often is not the case. I find that the parents in these types of shots are often the hardest ones... you have to constantly remind them to smile (babies naturally smile and have cute faces... adults don't) and get them to stop talking! I got one really great version of the entire family at the session, but it is unusual because 'ol dad is flipping the bird at me during the shot. Nice. Anyway my ratio was about what you said, approx 30-40 out of 100. Although with this camera you can flip through 100 shots in less than five minutes! We took lots of breaks and I think it really helped the babies relax. The shoot was only last weekend, so I haven't shown them everything yet. I hope they're pleased. They like this one, so that's a start!

04.05.06, 08:43 PM, Maury:

I love many of your pictures, specially your portraits.
Best regards.

04.05.06, 08:44 PM, Rock Kauser:

I hope you was using seamless paper and not canvas :)

04.06.06, 06:22 AM, rayts:

professionally taken. awesome Mike! love the expression. no one seems to mind the photographer!

04.06.06, 09:12 PM, Mayur @ iNoxKrow:

Oh this makes such a nice cute frame. *had a laugh at keith's comment*

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