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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: April 1, 2006 1:25
Focal Length: 34 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/2.8 - 1/60 sec
ISO: 640
Flash: None

On Friday night, a friend of mine invited me to a fashion show for the popular local boutique Akira. Of course, having never been to anything like this, I asked if I could bring my camera. She managed to get me a VIP pass, a press pass, and a great view at the front of the catwalk. By "great view", well, you can see for yourself.

Top 5 things I learned from this event: 1) Fashion models, no matter how aloof and good looking they are, will always look at you and pose if you're carrying a big camera, whether they are on the catwalk or in the bathroom; 2) Nikon's equipment is very durable and performs amazingly well when drenched with beer and sticky cocktails (I thought war photographers had it bad); 3) People overlook many things if you have a pass and a camera... in fact fashion models don't seem to care when you wander around in their dressing room taking pictures; 4) It is very hard to take decent shots with crazy stage lighting fluttering all over the place; and 5) I have absolutely nothing "cool" enough to wear to something like this...

News from MikesRightBrain:
This week, I'm the featured photographer for Please check it out this week!


04.03.06, 12:05 AM, Dennis Rogers:

I am soooo jealous!! But it's nice to know that simply having my camera with me makes me special too. :-)

04.03.06, 10:27 AM, Jeremi:

Love your top 5 things, it had me laughing! What a cool experience for you! Good job!

04.03.06, 10:43 AM, Chantal:

Great capture, like a true journalistic photographer....

04.03.06, 11:30 AM, keith:

A monster flash brighter than all the rest. That is my solution. I have mercillessly exploited the big camera entry ticket on a number of occaisions but never been to a fashion show....yet. This is an interesting photo and looks like an exposure nightmare with bright highlights and darrk shadows. Amazing you could get anything.

04.03.06, 02:52 PM, Gary:

very cool, I would love to shoot something like this

04.03.06, 03:38 PM, Timbo:

That is Big League! You go to many more of these deals and phtogs will be shooting you.

04.03.06, 11:28 PM, pooh:

love the unique lighting effect, really helps show how disorienting a place like this can be.

04.04.06, 12:35 AM, vidago:

great shot - you made it work despite the rough lighting conditions. does one get a press pass into the women's bathroom?

04.04.06, 02:38 AM, navin harish:

The bright light on the model, a photographer leaning to take her picture, this image has everything to be a classic and the way the dark edges of the images merge with the background gives it a brilliant effect.

04.04.06, 06:28 AM, Bob:

This does not look like your average "fashion show!" Certainly don't associate fashion shows with flying beer and drinks and leering male audiences drooling over the models. Nice place you got there.

04.04.06, 06:53 AM, àsìkò:

i really like this, the blueish colour cast, the moment of the shot are all very good, well done man

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