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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: March 28, 2006 17:58
Focal Length: 12 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4 - 1/1250 sec
ISO: 250
Flash: None

Here are my two oldest at the resort pool having a great time. The beach was unusually cold and windy this week, so we spent most of our time lounging around here. I readily admit that I set this shot up and made the kids jump in over and over again until I got the shot that I wanted. Of course, they didn't mind so much, although instructions like "jump a bit more to your left" or "look up as you jump" started to grate on them. They were very patient as I wiped the lens clean between shots. My camera and I were drenched when we were done, and the kids seemed to enjoy that part the most.


03.29.06, 01:58 AM, Heidi:

Hehe, so cooool! Yea, I thought this is not just a snap! Good job! All the three of you did a good job in fact!

03.29.06, 03:55 AM, Chantal:

Tming is the key word here and you had GREAT timing!

03.29.06, 04:37 AM, àsìkò:

love the action and moment of this shot, very well worth the set-up (tsk tsk poor kids)

03.29.06, 06:28 AM, Ana:

First of all, YAY for the kids for being such good sports! This turned out great, and it was well worth the soakage!

03.29.06, 07:02 AM, Bob:

I love that they had the whole pool to themselves for this shot! This could be a sales piece for the hotel!

03.29.06, 07:26 AM, Mark:

Lovely photograph, action + sunny warm skies= envy. Have any recommendations of where to stay, what to do?

03.29.06, 09:10 AM, Duane:

Nice capture, great timing!

03.29.06, 09:39 AM, Jeremi:

Great action shot, it makes me miss Florida (we used to live there). This is an interesting angle, I just took jumping into the pool shots myself last week but took it from the front view. I think the back view is outstanding!
And what is it you use to protect your camera from the water? I made sure I was far enough away that I didn't get splashed.

03.29.06, 12:49 PM, BobC:

Lovely frozen image here, nice shot.

03.30.06, 12:22 AM, pooh:

perfect timing and settings, wow!

03.30.06, 06:48 AM, *mamo:

wow, what a great second. amazing blue color!

03.30.06, 10:35 AM, Keith:

Very nice. The fact that they are in time with each other adds a great deal to this i think.

03.30.06, 07:33 PM, Matthew Greco:

wonderful moment, I like the frame.

03.30.06, 08:22 PM, rayts:

wahh! this is great Mike. I am loving this shot. I wonder how many trials you've done before getting this shot but I don't care, the final product is cool. makes me want to jump too. me and my friends tried this kind of shot (jumping on top of the mountain with our silhouttes behind the rising sun) but to no avail I the image did not turn out well. hehe!

03.30.06, 08:36 PM, Sidney:

It looks like fun and yes, I want to jump too...

03.31.06, 12:55 PM, Still:

Very dynamic children. You were at the good place at the right moment...

04.01.06, 02:04 AM, cool daddio:

Beautifully done and perfect capture. I'm so ready for summer swimming!

04.08.06, 08:37 AM, Claudette San Pedro:

Wonderful action shot!!!!! I love it! What a great capture!

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