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Capture Date/Time: March 22, 2006 21:13
Focal Length: 85 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/1.4 - 1/30 sec
ISO: 640
Flash: None

The rush out of the gate after the end of the final closing parade. Nothing like getting mobbed while trying to grab a shot. I managed to hold it relatively steady even at 1/30 while being buffeted by people and strollers on both sides, and my kids pulling on front and back wanting to go to the souvenir stores. I've never noticed how heavy my camera is until I spent two days carrying it around for 14 hours!


03.24.06, 10:33 AM, Gary:

this has a great fantasy feel

03.24.06, 04:24 PM, Ana:

oh my gosh, I would not like this crowd!

03.25.06, 07:44 AM, Bob:

Interesting contrast in color between the crowd and the castle!

03.26.06, 10:39 AM, cool daddio:

The color contrast is great along with the static castle vs flowing crowd.

03.26.06, 11:45 AM, Mareluna:

As usual, your shots are so emotional... the color contrast... the moving of the people and the staticity of the castle... goooood contrast !!!

03.26.06, 01:45 PM, Still:

Warm and cold... Interesting framing.

03.26.06, 06:33 PM, Matthew Greco:

makes me remember why I hate Disney so much...too many people.

03.27.06, 01:47 AM, Dan:

Looks like you had a good time, it looks way to busy for me though. Mind you have never had the opportunity to visit Disney so what do I know. Well done anyway on getting the shot.

03.27.06, 03:02 AM, Jide Alakija:

Good use of focaul length. Got a bit of shake though.

03.28.06, 04:38 PM, Phil:

I was at disneyland (paris) 2 years ago and loved seeing the castle in many colours, this blue is wonderful. Thats such a large number of people.

03.29.06, 07:25 AM, Mark:

I've tried this more than a time or two- I took the camera and held it high above my head. I've never been able to produce a good shot like this one. Good job!

04.08.06, 08:39 AM, Claudette San Pedro:

Ooooh this is great! I tried to get a shot like this this past Christmas vacation and it was hard! First off, I have major camera shake, then the people all around me bumps into me! This is great as always!

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