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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: March 12, 2006 16:34
Focal Length: 50 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5 - 1/125 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

This is our dear friend Carol and her great big lab Watchman. There's nothing Watchie liked more than playing on the rocks and swimming on the city's lakefront. He's been getting up there in years, though, and he can't run around and play like he used to. I have wanted to take a portrait of the two of them for some time, so here it is.


03.15.06, 05:32 AM, Chantal:

A friend for life!

03.15.06, 06:41 AM, Sidney:

Wonderful, wonderful portrait!
This is so sweet !

03.15.06, 06:49 AM, Bob:

Handsome couple! No....really! You can tell they are connected in many is a great portrait!

03.15.06, 09:23 AM, Jeremi:

Love this! I have a lab too, a great loyal friend as watchman is!

03.15.06, 09:31 AM, Gary:

nice portrait, good choice on the b&w

03.15.06, 11:03 AM, Jide Alakija:

Great lighting. BW processed well.

03.15.06, 11:04 AM, ody:

so sweet..sweet love..

beautiful Mike!!

03.15.06, 11:29 AM, keith:

Similar challenge that wedding photographers face with the exposure/ contrast of white dress and black suit. This is very well done, they really do look like they have been together a long time you captured the mood well.

03.15.06, 03:32 PM, Fran Wallner:

Wonderful! Beautifully captures both!

03.15.06, 09:23 PM, cool daddio:

Wonderful portrait and like Keith said remarkable set of tones. She'll treasure it I'm sure.

03.16.06, 01:25 AM, VelviaPix, feeling of color:

Yes, it is a great portrait. Her bright face and light hais are the perfect match for the dog's shadowed black.
Nice that you were able to get a perfect exposure balance.

03.16.06, 06:00 AM, Ana:

Oh, this is a wonderful portrait of two great friends. Sweet.

03.16.06, 08:32 AM, Mary Fran:

I've been enjoying your photos since we got your Christmas card. My Dad has a lab, and I just LOVE this picture. Any chance I can hire you to take some of my monkeys?

03.22.06, 11:02 AM, Alicia:

The expression looks very human. They look like old friends. Great portrait here.

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